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video | dvd
DVD Price: £19.99
Video Price: £14.99

The Spaced Series 1 DVD official content listing is as follows:

  • 15 minutes of deleted scenes
    (including the famous Gillian Anderson scene)
  • Trailers
  • 10 minutes of outtakes
    (or, as Dennis Norden would call them, 'Cock-Ups')
  • Detailed Character Histories
    Exploring the life of all of the characters pre-Tim and Daisy, including Mike's military obsession, Twist's parentage, Marsha's marriage, Brian's forray into the music biz, and Colin's life before he was Colin.
    Each biog will feature a top5 list relevant to each character.
  • All this, as well as:
    Cast and crew biogs, a commentary by Simon, Jess and Edgar, with different cast members commenting on different episodes.
    16:9 Video and Hard-of-Hearing subtitles.

A brief review supplied by Iain of SFX »

The out-takes: Lots of scenes of S, J and the gang pissing themselves laughing, Julia drawing phallic symbols, one of the worst pieces of white boy/girl rap you'll ever see, and much hillarity all round.

The cut scenes: Brilliant - and with a commentary on them from Simon and Edgar, which makes the difference too. The story-arcing is far more apparent - the set-up for the whole Mike Takes Paris By Tank subplot is in there, for instance, along with some romantic set-up bits between Twist and Brian - and several more shots of Brian's arse.

The extras - the commentary (for ep 1, anyway) is great, very funny and knockabout, and gives some interesting insights (how the League of Gentlemen scuppered a running gag with the twins in the cupboard, and thus inspired the Scooby Doo scene, for example). The Character profiles are fantastic too, with nice top five lists (and a wee cameo by Nick Lee himself. Hurrah!)

The commentary for all the episodes is fantastic (and you get to hear Julia Deakin's real voice, which sounds NOTHING like Marsha!), while the trailer section seems to be missing two ads - the Space 1999/Join Us one for ep 2, and the ep 7 one. As a bonus, though, we do get to see the trailer for series two in there.

A fine DVD,crammed full of bits and bobs, and up to the same standards as the League of Gentlemen's series one disc.
The standard has been set.


the DVDThe menus feature Tim's artwork and the cover is the photo from the front of the press pack (Tim and Daisy in a convex mirror) as well as little boxes featuring the other four main characters.

Release date was Feb 19th 2002.
The DVD/Video is released by VCI in conjunction with Channel4.


Thanks to Andy C of the R2 Project for additional information, <>


Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.