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The Future...

In addition to Spaced, the cast and crew - being the talented darlings that they are - have numerous other projects.
Spaced is more than just a tv series - it's a life choice. Now, Live it: see below.

The Spaced crew are currently compiling a Spaced book, with interviews, scripts, photos and the lost episode that was never filmed. We currently don't know much more, but you can guarantee when we do, you'll see it here first.

Get Milk, Ring Mum, Avoid Zombies, SHAUN OF THE DEADSpaced's Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are the masterminds behind the latest FilmFour production. Conceived as early as late 1999/early 2002, and announced at the Cannes Festival in May 2002, the film is written by Simon and directed by Edgar. It is, according to FilmFour, "a naturalistic character comedy about our zombified couch potato culture, into which crashes a real zombie action movie" - or, as Edgar puts it: "It's Richard Curtis shot through the head by George Romero." According to Simon: "[it] will probably feature a few of Spaced faces... Resident Evil are main competition in the Zombie business. Our film will be better. It has to be damn it!!" He adds: "The film will be similar in tone to Spaced, although there will be no referencing other moments in popular culture. Having said that the whole film is one big reference to the movies of George Romero so I'm lying. Edgar is responsible for all the whooshing and the whipping that goes on in Spaced. He may or may not bring some of that to 'Shaun of the Dead'."
The project is being developed by Michael Winterbottom's Revolution Films, and despite recent upheavals at FilmFour, Simon says it is going "well". The collapse "put a slight wrinkle in our plans, " he adds, "putting everything back a month or two but we're back on track." Production should begin early 2003. In October 2002 he described the projects as "On the Horizon", which is good news.
>> Shaun of the Dead at Cannes

Radio 4 Serial, The Sofa of Time, is written by (and co-stars) Spaced's Nick Frost alongside comic Matt King.
It will also feature Spaced regulars Mark Heap (as Marmite the Dwarf), Julia Deakin, Peter Serafinowicz, and Simon Pegg as well as Kevin Eldon and Joseph Marcell (of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air fame).

Look Around You (Calcium) was originally a short film shown to considerable acclaim at the Portobello, Greenwich, and Milan Film Festivals (among others).
In mid-2002 Talkback commissioned a six part series of ten-minute episodes of Look Around You for BBC tv.
The first episode was broadcast in October 2002 to considerable, and deserved praise. The series spoofs 1970s-style education documentaries and episodes include: Maths, Water, Germs, Ghosts, Sulphur, Music, Iron and The Brain.
Spaced's Edgar Wright appears in Germs, Ghosts, and The Brain, and, he has "quite a lot to do in them".
In a similar vein, Spaced's Producer Nira Park appears in Sulphur, Theo Park (aka. Amber) appears in Ghosts, Paul Putner in Sulphur, Simon Pegg in Maths and Nick Frost in Music. The series is co-written by Spaced's Peter Serfanowicz and Robert Popper.

Spaced's Katy Carmichael swapped clubbing gear for cloth caps in October 2002 when she took a regular part as Lucy in Granda's long-running soap Coronation Street.
She plays the flower girl who seduces Peter Barlow (Chris Gasgoyne). The result? The inevitable extra-maritial affair without which Coronation Street would be but television.

At Wednesday Night, at 7.00pm... it's Danger! 50,000 Volts, with Spaced's Nick Frost. The Channel 5 show features Nick as the hapless host, happenning into a hoarde of horrendous... happennings. The first show featured how to capture a crocodile (with difficulty), how to survive a pararchute faliure (clue: you need a second parachutist), how to clear a minefield (explosively) and how to rescue a victim of being implaled (a prayer for their immortal soul?). Later shows include lightning strikes, Arctic survival and other feats of sheer madness. Spaced fans will be watching avidly, simply in the hope of ensuring Nick is one piece to return for a third series of Spaced... WHEN IS IT ON?

Spaced Director Edgar Wright recently directed the video for Bluetones single After Hours. Fans can download the video, which is Bugsy Malone themed and rather good, off the Bluetones website.
Wright has also directed a music video for Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Psychosis Safari, and for Mint Royale's After Hours.
He has also spoken about his work at the National Film Theatre's bi-monthly showcase, Antenna.

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.