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Spaced - the album - was released on the 12th March 2000, on CD only, by Channel 4.

The following tracklist:
This is the final final final listing.:
1. "Warm Up Music"
2. Fantastic Plastic Machine 'Theme Of Luxury'
3. Cornelius 'Count Five Or Six'
4. The All Seeing Eye 'Beat Goes On'
5. "We're A Couple"
6. David Holmes 'Gritty Shaker'
7. Fuzz Townsend 'Smash It'
8. Fantastic Plastic Machine 'There Must Be An Angel'
9. "It's Over"
10. High Llamas 'Homespun Rerun'
11. "We're Gonna Get Our Dog Back"
12. Fluke 'Absurd'
13. Coldcut 'More Beats And Pieces'
14. Nightmares On Wax 'Morse'
15. "If We Have It, They Will Come"
16. Sons Of Silence 'Bobby Dazzler'
17. Mercury Rev 'Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp'
18. "Disco Fudge"
19. Yomanda 'Synths And Strings'
20. Fuzz Townshend 'Test Card'
21. "This Party Is Rubbish"
22. Prefab Sprout 'King Of Rock And Roll'
23. Fantastic Plastic Machine 'S'il Vous Plait'
24. "Fake Sex Noises"
The quoted bits are sound clips from the show.

No A-TEAM or JB Quartet due to publishing problems.
"Sorry, but we tried our darnedest..." [writes SPACED director Edgar Wright]. "Nor is there any Camisra, Fatboy Slim (too long) or Fader Gladiator." Licensing's a bastard. [writes me, incidentally.]

"...Music Publishing, it's a complete and utter mire, and a nightmare in some respects because what will go on TV and Cable won't necessarily go on DVD or CD, things like that. And I must say, I was absolutely dreading the video coming out, because I thought that a lot of music was going to fall through. And, to be honest, I think only one of them did actually. I think in episode two we had to take the "All Seeing I" off, which is a shame. But I was absolutely dreading there would be a lot, lot more. So if anyone watches episode two and says "where is All Seeing I?", it could have been a lot worse. " - Edgar Wright »

For a full list of the Series 1 soundtrack and info on purchasing individual tracks, click here.

The information is c/o Edgar Wright and Pete Flatt.
The cover, below, is courtesy of Pete Flatt at PPR Publicity.

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.