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episode guides

episode two point one

Daisy, pining for London, arrives home from the mystic east, but a lot has changed since she was last around. Tim has moved Mike into Daisy's room in her absence to help the TA's finest escape his mother's apron strings. Things move from bad to worse as Daisy discovers that Brian and Twist are now 'getting it on' with worrying results and, whilst Marsha seems pleased to see her female tenant return, Colin looks doggedly unconcerned. Daisy's trouble soon escalates however when a chance meeting at an airport generates a lot of militant government interest in the contents of her luggage…

Part One
London. As we look over a fine shot of the capital's skyline, Daisy begins her narration. Her travels have been long and amazing, but she still pines for the thick diesely warmth of London air. Here we are reintroduced to the characters we love and trust. With a nod to Human Traffic (and seemingly the 'On Your Own' Blur vid), Tim narrates us into Spaced world:

He's a skateboarder with a dream of becoming a successful comic artist and now, just about, he's over the pain of his girlfriend, Sarah, leaving him for the slimy city boy Duane…
Daisy still has her aspirations of becoming a writer. Those dreams came closer when she had three articles published ('winter skincare', 'sex and food' and 'bogling'). The money she made from that (coupled with the dough left to her by her 89 year old Auntie Samantha) allowed her to live her dream and visit Asia to, hopefully, find herself.

We're also reunited (and it feels so good) to the rest of the gang:
Brian is still the tortured artist… kind of. And now he and Twist are a full-blown item. Mike has remained in the TA since his reinstatement after that whole Paris/Sherman incident and is much, MUCH better now. Twist herself is sameold sameold and is now enjoying Brian's flamboyant company. Marsha and the lovely Amber are as close as ever and Colin… well, Colin'll never change…

Daisy's dropped off outside 23 Meteor St in a cab, heavily laden down with items from her mystical journey. Struggling up to her flat, Daisy pushes open the door and immediately starts calling to see if her long since left friend is there to greet her. When Tim doesn't answer she begins to investigate, checking in his room and, once again, jumping out of her own skin when she sees Tim's monstrous one hanging on a wall.

Slightly disgruntled, she returns to the kitchenette and dumps some pop tarts in the toaster. As she sinks back into 'reality', she notices something odd on the work surface…. a sub machine gun. She tentatively reaches down and picks it up, feeling it's coldness. Suddenly, behind her, there's a noise. As the toilet finishes flushing, the door opens and out steps Mike, clutching a copy of Jeannette Winters 'Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit'. There's a brief Butch/Vincent moment before….. BANG!
The toaster pops up and, simultaneously, Tim comes into the flat…

After much group hugging and awkwardly placed matesy kisses, Daisy begins to explain, from near to the end, her adventures in the Asian continent and how all that mysticism has rubbed off on her, making her a completely 'Zen' entity. Suddenly noticing a lack of presence, Daisy asks where ickle Colin is. Mike and Tim pretend that there's been a terrible accident for a moment but in reality he's living the high life with Marsha upstairs, drinking vino and smoking fags…
So, after Tim's complimented Daisy on her Pocahontas look, the wanderer asks him what he's been up to all this while. Tim says he's had 'issues', mainly with George Lucas (and TPM, despite the 18-month rift) and we flash back to see him destroying all his memories of his love affair with the fat artless Hutt.

Daisy then turns her attentions to Mike. He explains that he's got into the quarterfinals of Robot Wars and that, finally, he's moved out of his mum's house. He felt she was suffocating and stifling his development and he had to spread his wings and fly…. Plus she wasn't to impressed that he shot her cat up the bum…
Daisy says that he'll have to invite her and Tim around his new flat, little realising the truth… Mike's moved in with them. Tim goes onto explain that Marsha encouraged it and Daisy isn't too concerned, until she see her room has been transformed into something from a Nam training school.

Tim asks to see Daisy's holiday snaps. But she hasn't got any, instead, she's gone all twenty-first century and videoed it all. On three 2-hour cassettes on a cam she bought in Singapore. As she puts it on, she asks Tim and Mike to let her know if it gets too boring and they do in the most subtle way possible. Sleeping.

So, Daisy goes down to see Brian who's very pleased to see her. He thanks her immensely for how good he's feeling now that he and Twist have got it on. And while he makes her a cup of Lapsang char, we see quite what, via an Ep1.1 style Polaroid montage, Twist and Brian have been sharing during Daisy's absence. Suitably disturbed, she comes back to the flat to find Mike and Tim sharing what used to be 'Tim and Daisy's skateboarding vid'. But Daisy isn't down for too long as her lovely landlady, Marsha knocks on the door, Colin in her arms.

Marsha and Daisy then sit down and discuss her travels. Daisy explains that 'The East' has made her feel absolutely good. Marsha however, wants to get down to the nitty gritty.. did she 'behave' or did the ouzo destructo get the better of her? Daisy quietly reveals that she did meet someone special, though nothing happened…

His name was Steven Edwards and she met him at the airport. They got on really great and he was the perfect gent, even helping her up when she fell over filming him. Marsha asks what happened but Daisy isn't too sure, he just vanished… however, we see that three dark characters come weaving through the crowd and accost Steven while Daisy's back is turned.
The story there ends for Marsha hears Amber arrive and as the queen of the d-grades rushes passed, she bids her caustic farewell to Daisy.
Disheartened by how only last night she was in magical Delhi and now she's in boring old London, where nothing ever happens…
Meanwhile, the agents are checking through Steven's bag and come across Daisy's name. So, armed with this new evidence, they roll out…

Part Two
We reopen with Daisy sleepily watching Mike and Tim wrestle about a bit. Tim invites her to have a go and she offers hands in an elderly aunt kind of way. However, all bets are off as she begins to kick their asses with hyper kung fu… until her daydream ends…. And she asks if they can all go down the pub as it will help to keep her awake and before she's too heavily snoozing, Tim and Mike are joining her on the street, heading towards the pub.

They go to the pub just in time as we see the agents locate the house where their chief suspect lives. Ringing the doorbell gets no answer until Brian, still love struck from the phone sex that prevented him going with the rest of the gang, opens the door. The two agents probe Mike for answers on Daisy's location and eventually ascertain she's down the boozer.

Back in publand, Mike is whipping Tim's arse with rifle precision pool. When he's cleared the table, he heads off to the loos to point the pink pistol at the porcelain firing range and Tim decides the time is right to tell Daisy that he's really missed her, especially her aroma. But she's still a little down when the agents turn up. Daisy is obviously reluctant to go (especially when she realises that 'little shit' Steven switched bags) and as Tim tries to step in, he gets a bent arm for his trouble.

But Mike comes to the rescue, complete with gorgeous cerise handgun or, as he likes to it, his special friend. However his humour is short-lived as one of the agents high kicks him into touch. And so, it is Daisy to the rescue and, after giving the government stooges a run for their money she grabs the others and hot foots it back to the house. Meanwhile, back at number 23, Marsha is trying to watch Daisy's home video through Amber's moving strobe legs when she notices something unusual…

When filming the bit where he falls back and drops the video in the machine, Mark Heap (Brian) almost... Brianed, sorry Brained himself on the TV. OOch.

As they walk back up to the house, Tim, Mike and Dais discuss the events and Mike rues the day he decided to quip first and shoot later. Daisy explains she learnt a lot (like Danielsan) in the Far East, especially balance. As they push open the flat door, they see Brian sitting there, accompanied by the two agents. They've already got the bag and the 'evidence' and are all fit to cart Daisy off until Marsha comes down with one of Dais's tapes…

Although reluctant to see it, the agents have to watch as the video is played via the hands of all the gang. It becomes apparent from this that Steven had switched the bags when Daisy had fallen over. The agents realise their mistake but give our heroine a verbal warning.

After all the hullabaloo has died down, daisy starts throwing all her possessions around her room where Mike's once laid. Tim checks up on her to see what's going on and finds one of Mike's assault rifles on the floor which he takes to the big guy who is now sleeping on the couch like a giant baby with a tash.
Finally, our duo share a warm hug of final reconciliation… but spare a thought for those poor agents…

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.