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episode guides

episode two point four» the sting

Tim gets some good but nerve jangling news when Damian Knox of Darkstar Comics asks to re - review his work. Daisy doesn't help his edgy feelings when she puts a caricature Tim did of Knox into his portfolio that Tyres is busy delivering. Mike and Tim chase after the courier whilst Daisy accompanies Marsha on her new keep fit regime. Meanwhile Brian is meeting his mum for lunch. Tim and Mike, too late to stop the delivery, launch a cunning sting to recover the picture with the help of tyres and, along the way, Tim gets more than he bargained for when the beautiful Sophie asks him out...

Part One

We enter the episode through the halls of Darkstar Comix. Through into the room of the Editor in Chief, Damien Knox. He calls for Sophie his dark and alluring PA. He tells her that he feels their output is becoming stale and they need some new blood. She comes up with some suggestions of who to turn to... Peter Gibbons? Shaqqued. Jason Murray? Shaqqued. Tim Bisley. Bisley, the name echoes around. He knows the name. Sophie explains who he is… blonde hair, small ears, Damien had laughed him out of the office. Ah, he remembered him now. His cartoons were all muscles and guns. He tells Sophie to give Bisley a call, it's time they gave him another shot.

Tim is busy panicking. He's flicking through his hefty portfolio, checking. He stops and flciks back. Glaring back up at him is a caricature of the one eyed Knox declaring "I am a massive wanker". He slides it out and put it to one side. Daisy emerges from her sleep, offering the jittery Tim a morning of coffee and Kilroy or tea and Trisha. Tim declines abruptly, explaining to his flat mate that he's had a call from Sophie at Darkstar saying that they want to see his portfolio again. She congratulates him but those celebrations are disturbed by a rhythmic thumping from upstairs. Could it be Mike? Could it be Marsha? Could it be Mike and Marsha? Eugh…

Tim asks Daisy what she has planned for the day. She explains that she is going to investigate whether inactivity breeds laziness, though she can't be bothered to write it up for an article. Tim still fretting, goes to his room, drops to his kness and prays. He admits he doesn't give worship as often as he should, but he really could do with other worldly help. And surely Miss Gellar will be happy to oblige…?

The banging is still going on upstairs. Daisy is looking through Tim's portfolio and notices the 'Knox caricature is loose. She puts it back in, and as she does, the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it but Tim beats her to it. When gets there, there's no one there but, as he turns around, Tyres is already sitting on the armchair. You lahcky people…

Tyres goes on to ask what Tim and Daisy wanted him for. Tim explains he needs his 'art' carted over to Darkstar asap. Tyres is miffed especially after Tim had previous siad that he wished Tyres was his Da'! But, anyway, he agrees and reminds Tim of the twenty quid he's owed. While tim goes to his room to get the dough, Tyres asks his 'pocket shakespeare' how it's going. Daisy explains that she has a new character, 'Dizzy Steinway'. Tyres asks if she's a crime soling jazz singer but it turns out that Daisy's new creation is her signing on name. Once again, Tyres mood swings back and forth until Tim comes back. Tim borrows back the twenty quid straight away and pretty soon, tyres is about to go disco with the noise that's coming from upstairs. Tim and Daisy stop the phone and the kettle to prevent full on dance mania and send Tyres on his merry way.

Daisy says she'll do a Scooby Doo and see what's going on upstairs. Tim tells her to tell Mike that he NEEDS him. As she enters Marsha's flat, she sees that it is Mike and Marsha making that noise, working out to Cher's new fitness video, 'Thong for Europe'. Mike is told of his new mission to be at Tim's side and, bedecked in his nice outfit, goes off downstairs. Marsha suggests that Daisy should get off her arse and work out with her. Daisy declines because she's allergic to endorphines and she just gets very, VERY competitive…

When Daisy goes back downstairs, Tim is beside himself, and Mike. He asks what she's done with the picture of Knox and she explains, after some goodcop/badcop, that she put in his portfolio. Tim is livid and runs off with Mike to stop tyres from delivering the package. Daisy is still down when Marsha jogs down. She once again asks if she wants to come out for a jog and, reluctantly, she agrees. Marsha then tracks down to Brian's to ask if he wants to join them. However, he's all dressed up and waiting for his mum to arrive. He explains to Marsha that his mother thinks he's lawyer and he has to keep up a pretence so she won't suspect.

Out on the road, Tim and Mike are sat in the camouflage van, stuck in traffic. Tim wonders out loud what the hold up is. Mike drifts into a dream like state and explains someone got hurt. A lay - dee. In actual fact, it turns out that it's a lady who they ran off her bike. And who is now screaming blue murder at them through the window of the van. With as little sympathy as possible, Tim and Mike speed off in hot pursuit of the short tempered, goldfish-like courier.

Back at number 23, Marsha, Daiz and Colin are starting out on their run, which is already getting competitive, and leave the house just before Brian's mum arrives. As she rings the door he arrives there speaking into a little yellow toy phone. He tells his mum that she can't come in as builders are making a wall in there but he does know a good place to go for lunch.

Tyres is pulling up to the bike park outside Darkstar. Tim spots him from the van and runs hard and fast to get to him in time. A last minute trailer forces him to jump and, landing on his back, he gets Tyres attention. Tim explains what's gone on, but it's too late and Tyres has already delivered the parcel. Tim drops to his knees and screams just as Mike catches up…

Part Two

Sophie has the portfolio and sets it down on Damiens desk. He goes to read it, but thinks better of it and goes off to lunch. Outside, Tyres explains that it's not possible just to get it back, the security's too tight. If they stand any chance, they'll need another walkie talkie… or two.

At a park café, Brian is talking with his mum. He places his order for a half caff frappucino with whipped cream and marshmallow dunkers and his mum orders the same. As they share a smile, Marsha and Daiz run passed, and Marsha waves frantically. Brian ignores them, pretending he doesn't know them.

Back at the office building, Tyres is beginning to distract the security guard. He does this by claiming to be interested in joining the legion of ex coppers and forces guys who work nights. The guard soon gets caught up in the fervour and Tyres passes himself off as Henry Krinkle of 154 Hopper Avenue whilst he waves Tim and Mike up to the stairs.
Meanwhile, in the park, Daisy and Marsha are beginning to feel the burn and the pain as Daisy gets slightly more than competitive.

Brian is still talking with his mum. It transpires that his father has taken up art now too. And, it also comes out that his parents had hoped that Brian would enter that field. And so, with a brave swallow, Brian takes the plunge…

On the fourth floor of the office block, tim and Mike preapre for their assault on Darkstar. As they pull up to Knox's office though, they find it locked but Mike has an idea on how Tim get in there…

Brian, walking along with his mum, apologises if he's let her down. His mum explains that nothing could do that, as long as he's not gay. He then goes on to explain that he paints in Anger, Pain, Fear and Aggression… though not watercolours…

Tyres is still distracting the guard and they get itno discussing what they do at night and the guard correctly guesses that, more often than not, Tyres can be found speeding through the night. Tyres look at one of the monitors and sees that tim is being lifted into the ventilation system. Back on the 4th floor, Tim tels Mike to keep a look out and then scurries into the vents, making his way to the opening above Damien's desk.

Back in the park, Daisy and Marsha are discussing keepfit. Daisy explains that she's always been really competitive. When she was at school, during a friendly netball match, she punched the opposing side's goal defence, Nina, which won the game but lost her friends.
Suddenly, they notice Colin is watching something, it's Brian in the distance and soon he's haring off to greet the tortured artist. However, he's heading bang on course for a collision with a speeding Beemer.
On the other side of the road, Brian explains to his mum that he became an artist when Pompom, his little shi tzu, exploded under an artic lorry. Brian then suddenly sees the impending end of Colin by the same wheels of death and snaps into action, scooping up the little fella and carrying him to safety. However, Daisy's chased after him too and she's now in front of the car and then SMACK, ti hits her…

In Knox's office, Tim is flciking through his portfolioto retrieve the picture. Suddenly, Sophie is there. She's already taken out the offensive pic and a rather cheeky one of her. At the height of his embarrassment, Mike radios in and tells Tim the girl he fancies is coming to the room…
Knox himself has got out his BMW now and is apologising when Daisy tells him she knows who he is, "You're a massive wanker"… He apologises again but isn't certain what they can do about it anyway… artists aren't normal representation in car accident court cases…

Sophie gives Tim the picture of Knox but hangs onto the one of her. She then asks Tim out on Friday and our hero stumblingly agrees. He turns to run out of the building and finds Mike eating Nescafe out of the tin. Meanwhile, downstairs, the ecurity guard is just abot to show tyres his holiday snaps when he spots Tim and Mike on the CCTV. Knox also shows up and heads up in the lift while the guard takes the stairs. Trapped, Tim and Mike await their fate, even worse, the cartoon has slipped from Tim's hand and lands right in front of Damien's feet. He picks it up and to Tim's obvious falling down horror, engages him in conversation. Damien is quite pleased to see 'Bisley' so en-thusiastic.

Suddenly the doors burst pen and the guard runs in. Damien waves him away as there is no problem here, not now. The guard then recognises Mike from the TA and they discuss the upcoming stealth and tactics weekend (y'see, Mike has this cool plan involving Tizer…) Anyway, Damien throws the paper away and with a sigh, the duo slip back down and out to Tyres. On the way home, tyres says his reward can be a pint of the black stuff, but even Mike knows you can't drink a pint of Bovril…

Damien tells Sophie that he likes Tim's work and that she should let him know to come to a meeting next Monday to discuss things at length. All the gang return home, worse the wear but happy from their travels… all except Tyres, who once again, is lost in the groove…

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.