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episode guides

episode two point five» the sting

Tim is busy getting ready for his next date with Sophie while Daisy is busy making a cracking stew for all the gang. Tim's preparations get put on hold however when Sophie rings and tells him she has to work late 'cause someone messed up the cover of 'Total Cult'. Daisy asks Tim out to the pub and he agrees to join her. Mike is asked to walk Colin while Daiz is out, before he goes on his reconnaissance mission that night. As Tim and Daisy enjoy the night, Colin runs off, leaving Mike panicked and turning to Brian for help. Tim and Daisy's night turns sour when Duane Benzie shows up and a gang of Teenage Gangstas threatens to make the night a little bit ugly...

Part One

We open on Tim and Daisy haring around in the darkness. It's Camden and it's 23.07. Suddenly their run is halted by a red escort braking in front of them. Out swagger a gang of kidz, looking eager for blood. Tim asks them what the problem is. The leader says that Tim know what the problem is. Tim thinks and asks whether it's got anything to do with the Kia Ora advert. The moment isn't helped by Daiz mimicking it. Daisy tells them they won't be able to beat Tim up because she's there. But the leader tells her not to worry, she'll get an invite to Thump City (Pop: 2) too. Daisy and Tim look at each other, she gestures down. There's a knowing, an understanding and then she screams, let 'em have it…

Cut back to Meteor St, 6 hours previous. Daisy is doing a Jamie Oliver with a potato. She's making a sexy chicken stew. Tim comes out of his room and asks Mike how sexy he looks. Very comes the answer. Now, turning his attention to Daisy, who's still Olivering in the kitchen, is he sexy? She dishes out damning praise by saying yea, and it's nice he's not gone to too much of an effort. Whilst Tim's off changing again, Daisy explains to Mike that this stew will be the bomb because of the oreg-ano she's adding. Woooo MAMA!
Suddenly, the phone goes. It's Sophie. They enjoy a little stilted conversation where it is made clear that Tim's told Sophie a lot about his flatmate: they're friends, they share a flat and her name's Daisy.
Anyway, Tim's just getting his clothes on… he comes out and takes the phone, his voice going as he says hello. Sophie explains that she can't come out tonight as there's been a misprint on 'Total Cult'. However, she says that they can 'do it' next week. Tim puts the phone down and walks to his room, before screaming that he can't believe she's sleeping with her boss.

Tim goes into one about this how it all starts with late nights and cancellations. Before he gets to out of control, Mike gives him a slap to shake him out of it. Tim, now a bit more normal, drops onto the beanie and starts playing on his PSX. Daisy offers to go out with him to the pub. Tim isn't sure though, but, as he'd only sit in, he reluctantly agrees and she goes off to get ready…

Brian knocks at the door and says that Twist's in a mood, though he's not sure why. Brian has respect for women though, especially as they seem to have psychic links and are Gaia's foot soldiers to Men's destroyers.
Mike has an answer however; men have that link too. And he proves it as a full on gun battle breaks out with first Tim and Mike and then Tim Mike and Brian. As the battle reaches it's crescendo, Daiz appears, all glammed up and soon, her and Tim are on their way out…

Before she goes though, daisy asks Mike what he's doing. He's on manoeuvres at 2100 hours (9pm). She asks if he'd mind taking Colin out for a walk at 8pm (2000 hrs). Mike agrees and Tim and Daiz are soon on the streets, avoiding minicab touts and making sure Tim's stuff is in the safe hands of a Primary School teacher lookylikey and discussing their potential night…

Daisy suggests taking the tube to Soho and going to a gay West-end gay bar before a night of theatre by an angry young playwright with a swear word in the title, a coffee bar discussion, xylophone music in a jazz club and the last tube home…
Tim however, suggests the tube to Camden getting munted on the way. Then going to the nearest indie bar to laugh like twats, then a low level high street boozah where they will then A. fall over, B. throw up or C. fall over and throw up.

With the flip of a coin, we're transported to a generic indie bar, populated with generic indie peeps. Several tequila slammers in, discussions fire in randomly and we learn that the pair wanted to be Monkey and Elvis, though that's clearly ridiculous.

Back in Meteor St., Mike brings back Colin from his walk. But, as he looks away, Colin runs off. Mike panics and confesses to Brian that he's been naughty. Brian takes a bit of convincing to leave the Twist picture he's made, but soon he's with Mike, looking for the lil beardy one.

Daisy and Tim are soon talking about Sophie. Tim seems really chuffed with her, but asks whether Daiz has anyone special. Daisy doesn't, her special gift seems to put paid to that. Tim isn't convinced though, as she's smart and sexy. Anyway, he goes to the toilet, saying that he bets some geezer will be chatting her up when he gets back.

When he gets there, Tim engages a kid in conversation. The kid seems a bit off, but soon asks whether he has any puff to buy. Tim says he has, but only enough for him and his dawg. Tim's joke falls on bad ears though, as the kid doesn't remember the Kia Ora ad. Tim goes back up to the bar, but maybe the damage has already been done..?

Part Two

Tim gets back to the bar only to find that Daiz has pulled a guy, but it's Duane Benzie! They sit there, laughing as bad images and flashbacks fill Tim's synapses. Suddenly, they confront each other and Tim makes sure Daisy realises what kind of person she's talking to.
After much puffing out of chests and fake deep voices, it is clear that Duane is now back with Sarah, but she's been working late, with a lot of overtime. Tim suggests that maybe history is repeating and walks out of the pub, Daisy follows, but not before she gets Duane to pull her finger.
Tim's left his keys behind though and Duane has maybe got the chance to take his revenge…

Avoiding another offer from a minicab pimp, Tim and Daisy walk right into trouble, in the form of the kid from the toilet and his gang. They mug the duo and take the puff from Daiz's pocket. Forlorn, Tim and Daisy find themselves in a High Street pub. Tim can't believe the red hand gang have robbed him and he can't believe that Sophie is shagging her boss.
Daisy tells him to calm down and to reap advice from Marsha…

Apparently, Marsha was gonna be an Olympic hopeful sprinter, but some pissed pillock in tight trousers knocked her off her bike and broke her leg in 1967. He also introduced her to booze's pain relief miracle. They married in '69. If she hadn't got knocked off, she could've been anywhere now, even on TV…

Tim admits he knows that he's being stupid and paranoid but it's because he's been hu-u-u-u-u-rt. He doesn't think of Sarah though and all the things they could have now… Tim's slip forces Daisy to slap her mate back to reality.
Meanwhile, Duane throws their house-keys onto a long haul lorry, laughing to himself. Elsewhere, the gang of kids realise they're smoking not grass but oregano and head out for revenge on 'Blondie'.

As closing time rings out, Tim and Daisy thank each other for a good night out and make some plans for Daisy's impending birthday. Suddenly, Tim realises he's lost his keys in the other pub and they set out to run back before it closes.

On the way back, we rejoin the action at the beginning of the episode. And as Daisy tells Tim to 'let them have it' a mock gun fight breaks out, one that ends with everyone on the floor. In the aftermath of confusion, Daisy and Tim make a break for it and jump into a minicab…
The gang suddenly snap back into reality and pile into their car to give chase. However, they soon run into Duane's car and as he gets out to lay into the leader, the other boys cleverly jump him.

Meanwhile, Tim's house-keys, flick out onto the street in front of number 23, just before he and Daisy get back in the minicab. They ring the bell, but no one is in. So they sit their till Tuesday comes, freezing. In a moment of clarity, Tim justifies recent events by saying that love always comes along when you least expect it. Then, with a clatter to break the moment, Colin arrives in front of them, presenting Tim's keys. They jump up to let themselves in just as Mike and Brian return from what they think has been a fruitless Colin hunt.

With everything returned to normal, it's stew time and, with her 'special stuff' added to the mix, the gang are soon well on the way to a serious case of the munchies…

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.