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episode guides

episode two point six» the sting

It's Daisy's birthday but trouble is brewing at number 23. Tim and Sophie are beginning to get careless with their relationship and have been way too friendly in front of Marsha whilst their cavorting has been hurting Mike and Daisy really deeply too. When Marsha spies Tim and Sophie actually snogging in the front garden she confronts Tim and threatens to tell Daisy but, due to a crossed wire, Tim believes she is out to spoil Daisy's surprise birthday cake. Meanwhile Twist and Brian have split up and Daisy learns that she has a job offer at the Colwyn Bay Gazette. Daisy's birthday meal takes things from bad to worse when a drunk Daisy finally spills the beans of the 'non-relationship' to Marsha who, upset, runs out into the night. One food fight later, the gang are desperate to find her and head off to find her. May the force be with them...

Part One

We open with the gang 'enjoying' a night out in the pub. Brian has brought his camera and is taking snaps of the night. Tim and Sophie seem to be getting on a little too well and from the looks on their faces, it's clear that Mike is jealous and Marsha is suspicious of Tim having it away behind Daisy's back. As Brian develops the pictures, he notices these little snatches of emotion… what could it all mean?

The next morning in the flat, Daisy's mum clicks onto the answerphone singing Happy Birthday. Daisy, bleary eyed, staggers into the room with a glass of water clutched tightly in her hand. Daiz's mum is still yabbering while Daisy goes down to get the post and still talking when she comes back. Daisy reads through the post and nothing that interesting has come, ah shame…

Suddenly, Tim bursts out of his room singing the classic cut 'happy birthday to ya'. Tim asks Daisy how she is before explaining that he feels really rough and he won't be drinking… well not til lunchtime. Daisy seems down so Tim tries to console her with the news that if she'd been in Logan's Run, she'd be dead in 4 years, just another twat in jumpsuit. As the killer blow, Timbo goes to the fridge and gets Daisy's birthday card, a home-made one at that. This cheers Daiz up no end, but, while Tim goes for a wee, Sophie appears. In a fit of politeness, Daisy asks her out to her birthday meal that night and Sophie gratefully accepts. Tim comes back and Sophie tells him the good news. Daisy highlights that Marsha will still be a problem though and she doesn't see why they can't just tell her now anyway. Tim doesn't agree and sets off to walk Sophie to the station.

Tim escorts Sophie out of the house but, as they kiss passionately by the front gate, Marsha's curtain twitches and she cannot believe what she sees. As Tim walks Sophie down the high street to the tube, he explains that he's got Daisy a birthday cake in the shape of a typewriter. In fact, he goes on to say he scored it on the cheap from a baker he met at a club and who he shared a long conversation about pasties with. He kisses her as she goes off to get her ticket and suddenly, and with undue menace, Mike appears behind him.

He's angry at Tim for forgetting, despite several reminders, to attend Mike's promotion to Sergeant. He's also angry that Sophie is now Tim's number one and he's been relgated to being number two. He can't believe Tim even blew him out last night when they were gonna go ghosthunting in Highgate Woods. Upon Sophie's return, Tim tries to break the tension with Mike's 'eagle eyes' routine. But Mike's not having any of it and warns Sophie in no uncertain tersm that if he hurts Tim, he'll kill her. Then he runs off to do whatever Mike does. Sophie asks if he really meant it. And Tim, with a laugh, says yes… yes he does…

Back at Meteor Street, Daisy is just about to settle down with her typewriter and attempt some work when Marsha comes down. She wishes her happy birthday and gives her a tighter than tight hug. Daisy confuses this sympathy with Marsha pining for Amber. Marsha gives Daisy her present, a lipstick… rude red no less. Marsha suggests that a little pizzazz might do her some good though Daisy doesn't seem convinced. Marsha leaves to go to Threshers for the weekly shop and the phone rings again. It's Twist.

She explains to Daisy that she's at the corner of the street and asks Daisy to come down to see her. At the same time, Tim arrives back from his travels. As he enters the front door, Marsha collars him and lets him know she knows what he's up to. Here, wires cross like crazy as Tim thinks that Marsha is talking about Daisy's surprise cake and Marsha thinks Tim is talking about his affair with Sophie. Marsha storms away, disgusted with what a bastard Tim is while he's left there, more than a little confused. In the background though, Tim can hear sobbing from Brian's flat and goes down to investigate.

As Twist explains to Daisy and Brian explains to Tim, they're finished, over and no longer a couple. Twist wasn't happy with Brian's libido and they're endless clashing while Brian… Brian is better off without her (or so says Tim) as she's shallow like Cordelia of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, latterly, Angel. While Tim comforts Brian, Twist takes Daisy power-shopping. She persuades Daisy to try something on, it si her birthday after all and that shanty town look is so last century…

Back at the house, Daisy arrives and her mum is on the phone again. This time however, she picks it up and has a little chat. Amongst all the banter and waffle, Daisy learns there is a job going at a newspaper. Trouble is, the paper's in Colwyn Bay. Racked with confusion Daisy becomes upset, shaking her head at reality. As we pass through all the gangs lives, we see how they are all saddened at the moment, well, apart from Tim…

Part Two

Daisy is busily working at the Colwyn Bay Gazette, taking on work left, right and centrefold. But it soon turns into a nightmare as the words of those near to her haunt her mind. She wakes up with a start confronted by a blank piece of paper and the blue glow of night. Shit, she's overslept. She picks up her lipstick though and with a glint of an idea, heads off to get ready.

In the restaurant where Daisy's celebration is due to take place, the gang are stony faced around the table. Twist and Brian aren't talking, Mike is jealously looking at Sophie who is now Tim's object of affection and Marsha is staring at Tim, incensed with how callous a man can be.

Suddenly, Daisy arrives looking a million dollars. There is amazement from everyone, or so it seems until we see a sparkler filled cake being pushed passed behind her. She sheepishly sits down and the orders are taken.

The night is a drag for everyone, apart from Tim and Sophie who are revelling in their own company. Daisy begins to get slowly drunker and drunker through the night. When her and Sophie nip to the loo at the same time, Marsha confronts Tim and says that if he doesn't tell her, she will. Lines are still crossed between them and when Daisy comes back, they both blurt out different things. To alleviate the confusion and against Tim's advice, Daisy spills the beans over her and Tim, telling Marsha that they never were a couple and that they only did it to get the flat. But Marsha explains they needn't have bothered as the 'professional couples only' line was obviously a misprint because the arsehole on the phone at Loot wasn't listening properly. Marsha is deeply hurt by the news though, even admitting that she had bought them anniversary presents. Two anniversary presents. She leaves, momentarily coming back for her wine, and then disappears into oblivion.

Marsha storming off causes eruptions of arguments amongst all of those remaining around the table and soon Sophie leaves too. The arguing escalates and only ceases when Tim's surprise cake for Daisy arrives with all the staff singing 'Happy Birthday'. But the peace doesn't last for long as a mass food fight breaks out that, once again, is only halted when the restaurant owner says they can either clean it or he can call the police. Despite Tim and Mike's best efforts, they have to clean it up.

Outside, Twist flounces off as well. The remaining crew are not sure what to do now, although Mike suggests they all go clubbing. Tim is worried that they've damaged Marsha's opinion on the integrity of today's youth… umm… young adults. They all head back to the flat, and while Tim and Daisy wait in case she returns, Lando and Chewie… umm, Mike and Brian… head off in Mike's van to locate Marsha. Good luck… they'll need it…


Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.