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episode guides

episode two point seven» the sting

Marsha puts 23 Meteor Street up for sale much to the displeasure of the whole crew. Tim, Brian and Mike go off to reason with Marsha who, far from greeting them with open arms and a kiss, tells them that only something 'bloody spectacular' can save them now. Meanwhile, Daisy is trying to rescuse Colin from a sinister old lady down the road. Tim gets yet more bad news when he discovers Sophie is moving to Seattle to work for Marvel and in all the furore of depression, Daisy secretly decides to leave for North Wales. While all the others are resigned to defeat, Mike is made of sterner stuff and launches two plans that win around Marsha and save Daisy than a fate worse than Dai. For once, maybe, there will be resolution... of sorts...

Part One

After a parody of the Royle Family, we slip to see Tim and Daisy standing outside number 23 and looking up to the sign outside. Daisy suggests in her narrative that the family of the 21st century is made up of friends and not relatives… but maybe that's bollocks. FOR SALE reads the sign in the front garden!!

In Tim and Daisy's flat, an Estate Agent is busy showing a young couple around. They like Daisy's room, believing it to be perfect for a child and adding to the 'homey' atmosphere. When the cupboard is opened however, Tim and Daisy are there, staring, wanting to know what on earth is going on.

The Agent explains that 'Mrs Klein' is selling up and it's a good time to do it too, as the house as trebled in value since it's last sale…. Wow!! The Estate Agent and (younger) couple leave, while Tim and Daisy confer what to do next whilst still in the cupboard. They agree they should lean on Brian and find out if he knows anything.

As they head down to Brian's flat, they hear loud and uncontrollable sobbing. When he answers the door they ask if he's alright. He is, just having a problem vocalising his emothions and so he is listening to 'The Sounds of Despair volume 4'. He's cut up over Twist still who is now on gay Manchester gay scene. It soon becomes apparent though, that Brian knows nothing about the horror of the house being sold and soon he is even deeper into his despair.

So, with no new information, Tim and Daiz head up to Marsha's to speak to Mike. He's busy baking scones which he offers and… oh, go on… the others soon begin to scoff. Mike's not heard anything from Marsha either, but a big guy on a motorbike did call around to pick up a lot of her stuff. They put two an two together and work out that she must be at Amber's new place.

To try and find where Amber is living now, Tim and Mike try to break into Marsha's room to get her address book. Daisy doesn't want to be associated with such a horrific violation of privacy. Timn explains though, does she want to be homeless? Does she want to have to buy Loot every morning? Doesn't she WANT to see what Marsha's room looks like. And, with a swift kick, Daisy's got them all inside.

They find the book and Tim and Mike go to head off but Daisy is suddenly concerned about Colin running off down the road and decides to stay and find him. To try and present a united front they collect Brian and drive off, sans tape… thank fuck.

Daisy follows Colin down to an old house on the street. Creeping inside she finds it full of doggy pictures and a scratched copy of 'How Much is That Doggy in the Window' blahs out of an old player. She finds herself in the kitchen and sees a pot boiling loudly on the hob and anxious, heads to lift the lid…

Back in the van, on the way to Marsha's, Tim explains that as he's best at communication he should talk to her first and apologise. Mike and Brian ask him what he's going to say. Tim imagines what he will say, that friends not relatives are the true family and if that holds true, Marsha is the best auntie he's ever had… and then he kisses her, in a more than auntiely way… and he wakes screaming. Anyway the traffic lights have changed and their journey continues…

Daisy finds that a cuddly toy bear is being cleaned in the pot. A sinister old lady appears behind her and explains that she and Colin are welcome down there anytime for tea. Daisy picks the lil dog up and fair runs home. The old lady smiles a creepy one and chuckles to herself that she knows Colin will be back… and all too soon…

Back in 23, Daisy is preparing Colin his favourite meal and apologises to him, saying that she'll change and she's sorry for leaving him when she went to Asia and sorry that she ignores him when she writes… tries to write. But, the old lady has Colin's favourite, widescreen TV and he leaves Daisy, amongst her own regret….

Meanwhile, Tim, Mike and Brian find Marsha and Tim begins his smooth talking to no avail, altohugh admitting that they broke into her bedroom probably wasn't a good start. She says that they'd have to do 'something bloody spectacular' to get her back now. In desperation, Tim wheels out his auntie line but no kiss comes, just three words. Kiss. My. Arse.

Part Two

Daisy is busy mulling over the letter from the Colwyn Bay Gazette when Tim and Mike return dejected to the flat. They tell her how it went. Really badly. Daisy explains that Colin's gone 'next door'. Tim is really upset until he is actually next door and not dead (as next door used to imply when he was a kid). Mike gets upset now as he realises that his rabbit is dead, although it has, admittedly, been 18 years.

Daisy begins to get really upset. Marsha's gone, Twist's gone, Colin's gone, Mike's rabbit's gone. Everyone leaves. Tim tells her to stop being silly as that isn't the case. With that there's a ring at the front door and Tim answer it. It's Sophie with the bad news that she's moving to Seattle to work for Marvel. Tim drags her up to his room, explaining his mistake on everyone leaving to Daisy as he goes.

Sophie explains that she's leaving tomorrow morning and that there relationship needn't end and they can continue their sex life on the internet. Tim says he's go to the airport with her and Sophie offers him 13 hours together. He gratefully accepts.

Tim goes to the lonuge to explain he's turning in for the night and that only something bloody spectacular can save them now. And as he retires to Sophie in his room, Daisy heads off to secretly pack for Colwyn Bay but Mike's mind is ticking and he soon pings an idea.
At 21:00, he finds Cromwell and his chums in the pub and orders them, as a their superior, to do him a little favour.

It's nine the next morning and Daisy is checking the times for the firs… third train to Colwyn Bay. She quietly leaves the house, leaving a note for Tim in the process. Tim and Sophie are still in bed with Tim wearing some cracking make-up. There's a knock on the front door and he rushes to get up, and Sophie quickly chucks him some tissue to wipe off the mascara and lippie although he forgets that he's wearing Sophies pants. Rather embarrassingly, he opens the door to Mike who commands him to be ready for action in five, when he will return with Brian. Mike forward rolls to the artist's quarters and convinces him, with the aid of some stirring Thunderbirds music, that he is a man (a monkey man?) and not a mouse. They both forward roll back out of his room and off to adventure.

Tim and Sophie, now ready, kiss goodbye and Sophie wishes him good luck. Mike once again reappears behind Tim and he lets him know that it's on… something bloody spectacular.

Tim, Mike and Mike's TA cronies have got something massive planned and despite some dissenting voices head off to woo back Marsha. The errant landlady is sitting watching This Morning when she hears a rumble down from outside. Heading to the window, she sees the tank, driven by Mike and manned by Tim and Brian, coming towards the house. She's not impressed until they begin to play 'Back 4 Good' from a boom box and wave a Brian-made banner declaring 'We're Sorry Marsha'.

It's now 10:55 and daisy is waiting for her train to come and filling the time looking at photos of her, Tim and Colin. Back in Meteor Street, the scary old lady is convinced she's won Colin but he doesn't stay for long when he realises he's going to be rechristened Lancelot.

11am and Tim, Mike and Brian arrive back at 23 and discover Colin's back. Mike also finds a note that Tim proceeds to read. Skipping to the end Daisy's gone because she's confused and it appears she's heading out of town on the 11:32 from St Pancras. Brian, no longer needed, slips off to complete his latest installation.

Tim can't believe how things have panned out, he has to say goodbye to Sophie and rescue Daisy at the same time and with only mode of transport, he's not got a clue what to do. He tries to call Sophie on both of her phones to no avail. But suddenly Mike has another idea, there is another form of transport they have. What do they have that has wheels and is slightly faster than walking?

At 11:31, Tim arrives (with Colin) sitting astride Private Iron. He talks daisy around and they head back to the flat. Mike goes to take Sophie to the airport, giving her a letter from Tim explaining all that's gone on and it's here that they settle their differences and hug tightly.

We now look at all our gang and see how they are… Twist is a star on the Manchester scene but is she really happy? Brian appears to be, using his art installations as an outlet for his emotion. Marsha and Mike settle down to the comfort of quiet nights in with guns and vino and Tim, Daisy and Colin snuggle up tight on a beanie in front of the TV. Ahh… resolution.

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.